3 c dark text above below_newJoin us for our Lunch & Learn CAAMPfire Events

What is a CAAMPFire?

A Supplier or Multi Line Rep treats attendees to lunch – the only catch: Distributors get to hear an awesome presentation on the newest and top selling products for 2017, pick up samples, catalogs and great ideas to take to their customers.

What does a CAAMPFire cost?
  • Nothing but your time
Who can attend a CAAMPFire?
  • Distributor Sales people – no, you don’t have to be a member of CAAMP, but we will have information for you to take back to the office. CAAMP is made up of industry professionals, and we do what we can, when we can, to bring you all together for networking and relationship-building.

CHARLESTON/Mt. Pleasant, SC at Water’s Edge, 1407 Shrimp Boat Lane, 12:30 – 2:00

pub crawl

May 18:  Mike Zingale, Aakron Line
June 15:  Lee Pearson, Lee Pearson & Assoc. (MLR)
July 20:  Craig Dickens, Suntex Industries
August 17: Matt Kozar, BIC Graphic
September 21:  Tina Jameson, T. Jameson Inc. (MLR)
October 19: Karin Otterstrom, Southeast Marketing (MLR)
November 19: Natasha Beard, alphabroder, and Erin Burgess, The Magnet Group

Contact: Debbie Nash, MAS, debbie.nash@zebrapromos.com

February 16:  Judy Warren, Intrepid Group (MLR)
March 16:  Meghan Kory, Hit Promotional Products
April 20:  Daniel Pendleton, PWS

CHARLOTTE, NC at Another Broken Egg Café, 11324 Community House Rd. 12:00 – 1:30

barry 2016

Contact: Haines Maxwell, haines@bravomarketingagency.com

January 26:  Lee Pearson, Lee Pearson & Assoc (MLR)
February 16:  Daniel Pendleton, PWS, and Kelly Kreig, CarolinaMade
April 20:  Shelley Bednarski, Chocolate Inn/Taylor & Grant/A La Carte
May 18:  OOPS!  Last minute cancellation, sorry!
June 15:  Rich Conroy, Flanagan & Assoc (MLR)
July 20:  Cancelled, sorry!
August 17:  Mary Minus, Printgear, and Rachel McKee, JournalBooks
September 21: Matt Kozar, Bic Graphic 
October 19:  Melissa Casey, Swiss Army Brands/Victorinox
November 16:  Karin Otterstrom, Southeast Marketing (MLR)

COLUMBIA, SC at Grecian Gardens on Sunset Blvd, West Columbia, 12:00 – 1:30

CC2016 MVP party

Contact: Keisha Crain, keisha@madeyoulookmarketing.net

January 25:   Lee Pearson, Lee Pearson & Assoc. (MLR)
February 23:  Kristan Dunlap, SanMar, and Dave Green, Evans Manufacturing.
March 22:  Mark Chipchase, MAC Marketing (MLR)
April 20:  Erin Burgess, The Magnet Group, and Tripp Cherry, CarolinaMade
May 11:  Mark Minus, RuMe/Brandsuite
June 15:  Joy Jacobs, Bag Makers, Inc, and Mark Thieleke, Showdown Displays
July 13:  Matt Kozar, Bic Graphic
August 17:  Shelley Bednarski, Chocolate Inn/Taylor & Grant/A La Carte, and Karin Otterstrom, Southeast Marketing (MLR)
September 21:  Megan Kory, Hit Promotional Products
October 19:  Natasha Beard, alphabroder, and Jerrad Smith, LogoMark (yep, he’s the new rep!)
November 16:  Judy Warren, Intrepid Group (Callaway apparel, Richardson Caps, Gamehide)

GREENVILLE, SC at Logan’s Roadhouse, 53 Beacon Drive, 29615, 12:00-1:30 


Contact: Tina Gilbert, tina@prescribedpromotions.com

February 15: Lee Pearson & Assoc. (MLR)
March 15: Erin Burgess, The Magnet Group
April 19: Daniel Pendleton, PWS
May 9: Matt Kozar, BIC Graphic, and Jackie Walker, RuMe
June 21: Judy Warren, Intrepid Group (Callaway apparel, Richardson caps, Game Hide)
July 19: Nick Chipchase, ETS Express
August 16:  Jerrad Smith, Logomark
September 20: Kelley Fouche, Polyconcept (Leed’s, JournalBooks, Bulletline)
October 18:  Barry Pearson, Pearson Marketing (MLR)
November 15:  Kristin Kenny, SanMar (NEW SC REP!!)
February 21, 2018: Judy Warren, Intrepid Group (Callaway apparel, Richardson Caps, Gamehide)

GREENSBORO, NC at The Porterhouse, 4608 W. Market St. Greensboro, 11:30 – 1:00

Barbara, Jim, Debbie, Carla

Contact: Zach Grubb, zach@selogowear.com  

or Delta Mitchell, delta@mymarketusa.com

February 16: Craig Dickens, Suntex Industries
March 16: Anna Tucker, SanMar
April 20: Lee Pearson, Lee Pearson & Assoc. (MLR)
May 18: Kelley Fouche, Polyconcept NA (Leed’s, Bulletline, Journalbooks)
June 15: Mary Minus, Print Gear
August 17:  Jerrad Smith, Logomark
September 21:  Erin Burgess, The Magnet Group, and Jason Snead, Midwood Apparel
October 19:  Anna Tucker, SanMar


RALEIGH, NC at NEW LOCATION!  Rally Point Sports Grill, 1837 N. Harrison Ave in Cary, 11:30 – 1:00*NEW LOCATION*


Contact: Dave Gephart, MAS, dave.gephart@halo.com

March 15:  Judy Warren, Intrepid Group
April 19:  Lee Pearson, Lee Pearson & Assoc. (MLR)
May 17:  Rich Conroy, Flanagan & Assoc. (MLR)
June 21:  Kelley Fouche, Polyconcept NA (Leed’s/Bulletline/JournalBooks)
August 16: NO CAAMPFire – be sure to go see the Showtime Show at the Sheraton-Durham, 10 a – 1 p
September 20:  Mike Pratt, with SanMar (yep, he’s the new rep!)
October 18:  Matt Kozar, BIC Graphic
November 15:  Daniel Pendleton, PWS (Pacific Western Sales)
Decemeber 13: Judy Warren, Intrepid Group (Callaway apparel, Richardson Caps, Gamehide)