certification     Information regarding PIN # for Education Credits:



Not a PPAI member? Go to www.upic.org and register for a UPIC number (takes 48 hours to activate); there is no cost to register for a UPIC.
If you ARE a PPAI member, you can ask your company’s primary contact to add you to the company through UPIC (www.upic.org).

Duplicate entries:

PPAI recommends that if you have two (or more PINs), call PPAI Member Care (972/258-3218) to have all of your information consolidated under one record.

Q: Can I get certification credit for non-PPAI events?
A: When you participate in PPAI events and webinars, credit is pre-approved. For third-party events you may request MAS/CAS credit for your participation—you’ll just need to submit the appropriate form (found on your MY ACCOUNT page at ppai.org) and request that we evaluate the material. A processing fee will apply

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