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Feb. 26th, 2020

Featuring: Harriet Gatter 



“The PPAI Expo has once again delivered on its promise as the industry's premier event and the ‘must-attend event’ for industry professionals,” says Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI president and CEO. “The show floor had a strong, confident, optimistic buzz. It was evident that exhibitors and attendees came ready to do business. The professional development was top-notch and the sessions were filled throughout the week. I don't know that we could've asked for a better way to kick off the new year and the new decade.”


CAAMP Members, I would like to say thank you as your 2020 President. This is an honor that is not going to be taken lightly. We have so many exciting new changes coming for 2020 and a Board that is ready to get to work making this year fantastic for all. Please reach out to me or anyone on the board as needed. Lets make 2020 CAAMP shows, CAAMPFires, and industry events the best yet!


Kristina Newsom 






Cliff Quicksell, MAS+, MAS

Jay Busselle

APRIL 29, 2020 

At the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charlotte Concord


(1) To Network…I get to have lunch with likeminded people and industry peers. Sometimes in sales,  it’s easy to feel isolated, especially in a smaller company.

(2) To Learn…I get to hear about the newest  and most popular products from top suppliers, who are CAAMP members, just like me.

(3) To See and Touch…Not only do I get to hear about the new products, I get to see them and touch them…and often walk away with free samples.

(4) To Share…at our CAAMPFIRE, attendees share challenges and successes…which make us feel connected.

(5) Because CAAMPFIRES are Convenient….CAAMPFIRES are held monthly in six regions throughout the Carolinas, and quarterly in two other regions.  There is a CAAMPFIRE near you…

And for those who say “there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH,” I have news for you. You’ll get food, courtesy of your presenting supplier(s), but so much more!

By, Stephanie Ward, Print Plus, Inc.

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Feb. 26th, 2020

Featuring: Harriet Gatter (Accounting Support, LLC)

"What Order Management & Accounting Software is Best Suited for Ad Specialty Distributors Today?"

March 25th, 2020

Featuring: Seth Barnett (Aim Smarter, LLC)

"Managing the Y & Z Market"


This quater CAAMP is featuring our new awesome board members Stephanie Ward, Brett Schaffer, Lisa Parker, Stephen McFadden & Bryan Schannon. 

1. What is your Favorite food? 

My favorite food is dressing (aka stuffing)…I suppose because it only comes around once or twice a year.

2. What is your favorite word and why? 

My favorite word(s) is “Thank You.”  None of us say it often enough.

3. If you could hang out with anybody in the world who would it be? Dead or alive & Why? 

I would want to hang out with Jesus, because there are just some questions that I need answers to.

Stephanie Ward

Class of 2022

Brett Schaffer 

Class of 2021

1. What is your Favorite food? 

Tacos. Even the bad ones are good. And I’ve had some bad ones.

2. What is your favorite word and why? 

Opportunity – In general, it’s a positive word. What I like most is how it can be used to reframe a negative and get you thinking about a scenario from a completely different angle.

3. If you could hang out with anybody in the world who would it be? Dead or alive & Why? 

Jerry Garcia - music is my passion and he inspired the countless artists that have made up the soundtrack of my life.

1. What is your Favorite food? 

I do not discriminate when it comes to food ..... I like all food and in large quantities.... well except for pickled pigs feet ...and yes, I have eaten fried squirrel and fried Rabbit too! 

2. What is your favorite word and why? 

Holler  (just holler at me if you need anything).

3. If you could hang out with anybody in the world who would it be? Dead or alive & Why? 

MaMaw she was my mentor , my inspiration , my happiness, my everything !  

Lisa Parker

Vice President 

Class of 2022

Stephen McFadden

Class of 2022

1. What is your Favorite food? 

Love Tacos! Lots of variety and combos of flavors. 

2. What is your favorite word and why? 

"Problem" -  Because if there's a problem, Yo, I'll Solve it! Check out my skills while Stephen Resolves it. 

3. If you could hang out with anybody in the world who would it be? Dead or alive & Why? 

Jesus, would love to learn and hang out with him. :) 

1. What is your Favorite food? 

Sushi. Specifically, Escolar.

2. What is your favorite word and why? 

Juxtaposition. I learned the word in college for a paper I was writing. I love how it makes whatever things you are comparing sound THAT much more "important" when you say, "The juxtaposition of this and that..."

3. If you could hang out with anybody in the world who would it be? Dead or alive & Why? 

.Jimi Hendrix- Jimi was ahead of his time. He transformed the way people experienced the electric guitar and didn’t live long enough to see a fraction of his legacy be realized. I have so many questions I would love to ask him. 

Bryan Shannon


Class of 2022

The Make it Better Together FUNdraiser at The PPAI Expo 2020, sponsored by Allmade Apparel and FreePromoTips.com, raised over $2,000 for the Promotional Products Disaster Recovery Foundation (PPDRF). With a donation to PPDRF, attendees received two eco-friendly, responsibly-sourced Allmade shirts that the industry is buzzing about.  One to LOVE and One to SHARE.

Jeff Solomon, MAS, publisher of FreePromoTips.com, says, "It was especially exciting to work with Allmade on our fundraiser this year. People love the product and their passion for creating environmentally-friendly apparel that is responsibly sourced."

Suppliers and distributors made up fundraising teams. Josh Robbins with Vault Promotions put together a donation from his industry Fantasy Football league. PromoKitchen, Goldstar, Raining Rose and Eagle also created teams. The winning fundraising team was the industry Fantasy Football Team, followed by PromoKitchen. Everyone on the winning teams received a PackLite Max 2-in-1 Solar Phone Charger Lantern from LuminAID.

Continuing the FreePromoTips tradition of a FUN Run/Walk, many also participated in a FUN Run/Walk to the world-famous Las Vegas sign. It was a great way to kick off Expo Week!

Donations to PPDRF are always welcomed. Click here to donate and learn more about PPDRF.


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PPAI Certification demonstrates a commitment to both business excellence and continued professional growth. A relatively small percentage of professionals hold these certifications and are often the industry's innovators and leaders. PPAI Certification Program has been recognized as a reliable indicator of professionalism and excellence in the promotional products industry. For more information on the CAS, MAS, MAS+ Certifications, please visit https://www.ppai.org/members/certification/ or                         

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